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Whether planning a wedding or corporate event, we can handle groups from a few to well over a thousand. Event planning can be an undertaking, from setting up flights, making hotel accomodations, planning dinners, and of course ground transportation. When you have an event to put together, we will be at your service. Call today to set up an appointment with one of our experts.

Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Our company takes great pride in offering custom wine tours. We have been known to put together some of the best wine tours in the business. Many services act more as a simple shuttle service between wineries - anyone can do that. When you schedule a wine tour with Arace Transportation & Limousine, we have your specific palate in mind. If you prefer big bold reds, it would not be best to waste your time taking you to wineries that specialize in Riesling. With that in mind, when you ask us to put together a wine tour, we will ask you for your likes and dislikes, now we can better help you make informed decisions so that your time spent with us will be a much more enjoyable experience. We offer premier wine tours with professional chauffuers, even professional knowledgeable wine stewards can join you if you wish to provide a great learning experience.

We typically recommend using passenger vans, SUV's or sedans rather than a stretch limousine for two reasons: First, when in a stretch limousine after drinking we have found many people tend to get motion sickness as passengers are riding sideways inside the limousine. Traveling in a passenger van, SUV, or sedan, the passengers are facing forward so they can see where the vehicle is heading, traveling this way there is much less likelihood of any motion sickness. Second, while stretch limouisnes are very nice for the right occasion, they are also much more expensive, so instead of wasting your money on a limousine, we advise people to go with another type of vehicle. With the savings, everyone can enjoy a very nice lunch or dinner!

RED WINE tastes better when served slightly below room temperature from 53-69 °F (light red wines like Pinot Noir taste better at the cooler end of the spectrum). WHITE WINE tastes great from about 44 – 57 °F. (zesty whites on the cool side and oak-aged whites on the warm side). SPARKLING WINE Affordable sparklers do great at 38 °F – 45 °F (serve high-quality Champagne and sparkling wines at white wine temperatures).

Cutting the foil: top lip or bottom lip? Wine sommeliers cut the foil at the bottom lip. This is the tradition because foils were previously made out of lead. Also, this method tends to reduce stray drips when pouring at the table. Foil cutters, on the other hand, are designed to cut the top of the lip. Cutting the top lip is more visually appealing and ideal for moments where the wine is on display (like at a wine tasting).

Guided Wine Tours

National & Regional Wine Tours

A proper glass will make any wine taste better. In 1986, Georg Riedel, a 10th generation Austrian glass maker, came out with a line of affordable machine-made crystal glasses called Vinum. The line featured different glass shapes for different types of wine which caused a lot of confusion. Consumers were accustomed to using just one wine glass and the Vinum line seemed to be complete overkill. Georg Riedel had a clever solution, he started hosting ‘wine glass tastings’ to prove first hand the difference a glass can make.

Regardless of his profit motives, Georg was right. Even novice wine drinkers noticed a sizable difference between certain glass shapes. Ten years later, Georg was awarded Decanter Man of The Year for his contribution to the wine world.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy the entire line of Riedel, Scott Zweisel or Zalto… it just means that you might want to figure out what wine glasses fit your drinking style, because it will make your wine taste better, and that is what we all want!

We will provide you with many useful tips prior to & during your wine tasting tour. We can also put together a list of excellent dining establishments so when you are ready to stop and have that fantastic lunch, dinner, or both, we will have the perfect place to do so.

Custom Wine Tours & Safe Transportation

We offer regional and national wine tours. Whether you are in the Finger Lakes of New York, Napa Valley in California or points between, we can put the perfect wine tour together for you. We can even send a wine steward on a guided tour to be with you anywhere you wish. To employ our services, contact us to discuss your event. We will have someone speak with you to provide the best possible experience, to simply arrange the transportation service up to a fully customized guided wine tour from coast to coast. We are at your service by calling 1-877-927-2231.

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